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Global Ambassador

"Amazin Lethi’s remarkable contribution in the entertainment and fitness

industry is inspirational to the Vietnamese American community and she

continues to serve as a role model for us all." – Vietnamese American National

Gala Awards


"A remarkable woman in a non-conventional entertainment career" 

– ImaginAsian Radio New York


"Amazin is the first Vietnamese born woman and Asian body builder to have ever

entered into the entertainment industry successfully on a global scale" 

– Voice Of America Radio Network


"This lady’s nothing short of Amazing" – Vietnam News Agency‘From bodybuilding to HIV activism.


"The multi-talented activist Amazin Lethi, whose foundation addresses HIV in the Asian community" – HIV Canada


















Born in Vietnam and originating from an orphanage in Saigon, Amazin is considered the most exciting and promising new voice bringing a fresh perspective and direction to the aspirations of the dynamic and growing Asian community in America.


Amazin is unique on many fronts, with an eclectic career in the public eye spanning over fifteen years from fitness and bodybuilding, publishing, the entertainment industry and the arts. Amazin has achieved a great deal in her life, starting in the entertainment industry at the age of five as a classical violinist, becoming a bodybuilder aged only six, a boxing coach and a martial artist by her early teens. As a natural competitive bodybuilder and a qualified strength trainer, she has trained Olympic athletes, Special Forces and celebrity clientele and was the fitness expert for the first Asian American Network, ImaginAsian TV.


Amazin has appeared in a variety of entertainment shows around the world and numerous Hollywood movies such as Bridget Jones Diary 2, Closer, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


In 2008 Amazin was the first, Asian celebrity guest to appear and support Liveright, the Asian Liver Centre at Stanford University, the first organization of its kind in the US to raise awareness for Liver Cancer and Hepatitis B in the Asian American community.


During Amazin’s excursion to Asia she met at the United Nations headquarters in Hanoi, Vietnam’s famous HIV-positive activist Pham Thi Hue, a Time magazine hero of the year. Moved by Hue’s story of bravery and courage, and observing the devastating impact of AIDS on the Asian community, Amazin has made it her life-long commitment to sound the alarm about the implications of HIV/AIDS within the Asian community.


In addition to being an accomplished artist, HIV/AIDS campaigner and philanthropist, Amazin is a devoted abolitionist, believing that modern day sex slavery and violence towards women and children is a violation to their basic human rights to freedom, leaving them powerless to learn or share their HIV status and access to treatment thus increasing their vulnerability to HIV/AIDS.


Amazin has initiated the Amazin Lethi Foundation founded in 2012 which evolved from her ‘Asia Alive Project’. This on-going initiative raises HIV/AIDS awareness among vulnerable groups, especially young women and children to encourage early testing and intervention. Asia Alive Project addresses the problems of those displaced by HIV by breaking down cultural social stigma, fear and persecution associated with the condition.


Amazin has two further initiatives, Rainbow Revolution which targets the LGBTQI – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex community and Youth Sport Alliance that targets school communities.


In March 2012, the Harvey Milk Foundation referred Amazin Lethi as a guest HIV speaker at the NPS Italia Onlus HIV summit in Milan. Amazin was the first international HIV speaker of Asian background to speak at the summit. During the event Amazin received national press coverage in Italy. In June 2012, Amazin became the first Asian HIV campaigner to grace the cover of Italy’s national HIV publication Real Life. Amazin Lethi Foundation will be collaborating on numerous projects with NPS Italia Onlus and the Italian community.

 Amazin Lethi

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