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Clean Water





Access to clean water continues to be a struggle for communities in rural areas.  The spread of disease via unsafe drinking water continues to be a topmost concern.

Access to books is critical to learning and creative process for children.  With many classrooms sharing a single text book amongst all students, it is common for children to never experience reading at home.

Play is integral to the creative and social process.  With access to playgrounds, inspiration via colorful murals, and shared exercise equipment, children better develop social skills and stigmatized communities, including children living with HIV, can be better integrated.

With important annual events including the Mid Autumn Festival and Tet, children from disadvantaged communities often get left out.  Part of healthy growth and integration into the broader community stems from participating in Vietnamese tradition and sharing with others.

Malaria, Dengue, and Japanese Encephalitis continue to be constant threats in rural Vietnam.  The most effective method to prevent the spread of disease is to use a bednet each night.

Bill Gates says if he were living on just $2 per day, he'd raise chickens.  Read more here to learn why we invest in providing chickens to families.


Access for 7000+ residents

75,000 books currently in circulation

8 new playgrounds currently deployed

7,500 kids included and 14 festivals

> 1,000 bednets

> 1000 chickens so far


Children's Community Swimming Pool

1 So Far

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