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"to provide every child in Vietnam an equal opportunity to live fully and learn whole-heartedly"

Vietnam Relief Services is an established US based 501c3 Non-profit Charity. We design and deliver impactful programs that address critical needs for the health, education, and general wellbeing of underserved communities across Vietnam.


Designed with transparency in mind, we maintain a direct link between your donations and the field level activities.  We provide direct feedback along with photos, videos, and letters to all of our major supporters. The goal is to build a long standing bond between you and those underserved in Vietnam to foster a bright future for those who aren’t afforded the same chance.


Vietnam Relief Services is governed and managed by a staff of qualified volunteers with longstanding experience in the Finance, Global Health, Technology, Education, and NonProfit (No salaries – Just committed volunteers and dedicated leaders).


All programs are run by in-country volunteer staff living in Vietnam. Rigorous standards are maintained to ensure accountability, productivity, and targeted support for the disadvantaged communities that we serve.


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