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COVID, School Closures, HEAT HEAT HEAT, And An Increase In Drownings!

COVID restrictions, the shortened school year, and increasingly hot summer temperatures have proven a deadly mix with frequent drownings occurring in Na Hang Tuyên Quang. To escape the heat, children often swim unsupervised in dangerous locations prone to flash floods and unpredictable conditions. Most of the children have never learned to swim and don’t fully recognize the dangers until it’s too late.

We need your support to build Tuyên Quang’s first community children’s pool and teach swim lessons.

Air conditioning, sunscreen, life guards, swim lessons, adult swim, swim team… all things that these kids have never experienced. Instead, venturing alone or with siblings to a dangerous water hole, all without knowing how to swim, is the only option to escape the brutal heat. These kids deserve better. We can do this!


Pool to be fed via waterfall (2 km from the pool location). No chemicals needed as water will continuously flow through the pool and refresh the supply of water indefinitely. Location accessible to 250+ Children within 2 km.

Together we can provide:

- 60 sq meter pool
- Swim lessons
- 2 km fresh water pipe from the waterfall source
- Pool deck
- Deck chairs
- Umbrellas


Total Cost: Fully Funded! Thank You!

These kids need your support!


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