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Before we can start building on-campus housing at the Cat Thinh School for 120 Hmong kids that walk to school each day in impossible conditions, we need to fix a recently failed water collection system at the school.  We are currently surveying to decide between digging a well or collecting water from a nearby waterfall by installing pipes.

Additionally, a neighboring school, the Suoi Bu School is suffering without clean water.  We will deliver a clean water filtration system, dig a well, install a water storage tank, install a solar hot water heater for the younger children, and build a basketball court and volleyball court.

Part of achieving the maximum impact is knowing where and when to focus!  We are very excited with the support we have received so far to provide housing for Hmong children that are forced to face impossible conditions in exchange for the opportunity to receive an education (watch our video).

How Can You Help!

We are supporting 2 schools:
1,052 Kids!
1.    Primary school Suoi Bu School
2.    Primary school Cat Thinh School 

What   Do  We  Need?

For $3500 we can:
- Dig a well or install pipes plus a water holding tank (Cat Thinh School)
- Dig a well (Suoi Bu School)
- Purchase and install clean water filtration system (Suoi Bu School)
- Install solar hot water heater for the young children  (Suoi Bu School)
Design and Build Basketball and Volleyball Court (Suoi Bu School)

When will construction start?


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Check out some of our videos from our last program in January!
Hmong Animation
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